Making a playlist for my guy?

So... in 3 weeks would mark 1 year since my guy and I have been officially together (as in, when we first met in person). We're long distance and met online.

I was thinking of putting together a playlist of songs that remind me of him/us. I already have the songs but I was wondering which app would be better for sharing playlists... youtube or Google Music. I'm naming these apps because these are the two apps (that I know) he uses to listen to music.

I've mostly used youtube, but I also have a Google Music account, although I haven't used Google Music much, so not much experience with it... but would I be able to share playlists over Google Music as well?
The things I don't like about youtube are the ads, and that sometimes (more often than not) the videos get removed because of copyright issues and whatnot.

Or if you know of any other apps/websites that would be good for sharing playlists, please let me know. Maybe I could check it out :)


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  • Not to disrespect your idea... but what about a playlist of songs that make him think about you versus (what I am understanding from the descript) songs that make you think of him?

    • Oh... these songs would surely make him think about me too ;)
      Both ways!

    • Is the playlist for just when he is at work and stuff or when he is at gym?

    • Just anything, really. Nothing specific.
      It's just songs that'd remind him of me, that reminds me of him and us, and songs that we both like and enjoy.

  • Use Google Music. I'm a bit of a homer for Google.

    • Yes, I know YouTube is owned by Google.

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    • Oh, there's a way. Google it :)

    • Yep, reading up on it.
      Thanks for your response!

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