Why Michael Jackson is praised and Justin Bieber gets heavily criticized?

King Of Pop my ass! What people don't understand is, that JB is the equivalent of MJ. What MJ was in the 80s, JB is now. Overproduced products of the music industry.

I don't get this logic, why the so called "King Of Pop" should be praised? He was mediocre to the core.


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  • They're both freaks


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  • LOL get real! haha. Michael Jackson is one of the most talented artists that ever lived. Dog turds have more talent than Bieber.

    • I can mention 100 better albums from 1982 than Thriller.

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    • Alternative is a genre not a I'm better than you cult goung around.

    • you know exactly what it is. bottom line is you're too close-minded to recognize talent outside of music that you like, so there is no getting through to you.

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  • Bieber is no MJ. not in comparison to records sold, awards won, innovation, dancing talent, influence on other artists or billboard charting success... nowhere close

    i don't think bieber deserves criticism but that's the nature of being in the public spotlight. MJ had more than a few critics you can look them up... but Bieber is a fine musician but with all due respect you can't begin to compare him to MJ yet.

  • Im not the biggest MJ fan
    But to say he is just mediocre is probably the most ludicrous thing I've heard on GaG yet


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