Can you pay a cell phone bill two weeks early? Any distant ages to it?


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  • I don't know if they changed their rules, but I paid Verizon (back when they were GTE Mobilenet) 6 months in advance once so I could travel without having to worry about paying the bill. But that was before online payments were really a thing. The biggest thing you cannot prepay these days seem to be credit cards. None I have will let you make a payment with a zero posted balance.

    To this day, I pay my bills when I receive them, not when the due date is.

    • Same
      As soon as I see it posted I like paying for them
      At least for my credit card bill. My cell phone bill was posted 3 weeks early

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  • My bill doesn't show up until a week before its due but if yours says it that early then pay it. Nothing wrong with that


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