How do I get my passion back for art after passing 4 really hard art classes destroyed my enjoyment of it?

Now even when I'm on a project that I want to do it is still a chore and it feels like work.


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  • I had the SAME problem with writing. I've been writing school essays so much and then I took a creative writing class and I was like shit I can't be creative anymore because everything feels like a school essay. Honestly I think you just have to do it on your free time and pick your own idea and just go with it. I still lose my voice sometimes when I write. It's terrible, but sometimes I read things I wrote before and it kind of puts me back in my own mind. Look at some of your art from before those hard classes and remember how you felt then and try to put yourself back in time in that position.

    • Sadly for that I need my 2 freinds that left for a 4 year college to come back and I need a new camera. I really wish that I left with them.

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  • That actually is very hard - make sure you avoid those sort of things as much as possible - just pass, duck & dive - so you can preserve your liking - which is the only thing that will actually drive you.
    To improve on the damage done - step sideways, find a slightly different expression - so you can find the original interest back, then re-apply it forgetting about the exam experience/isolating it (as idiocy or whatever it was)


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  • Everything is going to feel like work because at the end if the day everything is work.

    But that's not a bad thing. Work is what shows how much you've accomplished and improved. It helps you find direction.

    Just do something that's totally for fun and solely for your personal enjoyment. You don't ever need to plan on showing it off or posting it anywhere. There are no deadlines and no expectations so you can do other things instead. Or you can do work. Your choice.

    • Well let me put it this way. I used to enjoy trying to draw something instead of photograph it. Now I want to photograph it load it into photoshop and put a drawing filter on it. Darken where I want and lighten it a bit in parts. Why because it saves me 2 hours of trying to draw the flower by hand. The artistry feeling of making a drawing look great is gone. Why spend the 2 hours when I could do it in 30 minutes and get a better looking flower and the same feeling.
      It is like watching a hand drawn animiated film and a new cgi film and not caring or just forgetting that one was done by hand where as cgi animation any changes can be done in a fraction of the time with little effort from the artists.

    • Bro I went to school for economics so if you're getting a better result with less effort that still sounds like a good thing to me.

      And maybe you're missing the forest for the trees. I'd look at a picture and like yep that's cool. You can look at something and say why it's cool and appreciate it on a different level than someone like me. And then you can make it better! That's an art all in itself ;)

  • Same here. Try a degree. Completely sucks it out...

    • Well at least I'm not the only one with this problem. I'm only a few classes away from my degree. Honestly I would have learned more learning art from youtube or linda. com. Learning art in college is such a waste.

    • Yeh it is... though my 'lecturers' hardly turnt up and would take over whatever your working on to what they like then get another one to change it again -.-

    • I know right they won't suggest how you can change it they just start drawing on your art work and say that is how it should look. It never made it look any better and it usually made it look terrible in the end because their marks looked so different from your marks.

  • Master those hard classes, conquer them

    • O I wooped them even though 2 of the teachers just hated my art work. I have to do every step of every project at least 3 times. I'm proud that I finished them. I showed my teachers what for. I'm really glad that I only had those 4 classes that semester.

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