What are your favorite thriller movies?

I'm on a hunt for thriller movies, not so much the action thrillers like the fugitive, sicario etc. more like insomnia, gone girl, nightcrawler, silence of the lambs, instinct etc.. What are your favorites?


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  • Cape Fear.
    North by Northwest.


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  • All of ak666's recommendations are great choices. Donnie Darko, Se7en, Fight Club, and Silence of the Lambs are definitely in my top thrillers.

    I also have a thing for Requiem for a Dream, Mulholland Drive, and Pi, although the first can get pretty disturbing depending on your relationship with drugs and both of the latter two have a very serious mind **** element to them that's very love it or hate it.

    The best recent non-action thriller I saw besides Gone Girl was Ex Machina.


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  • Donnie Darko, Se7en, Fight Club, Memento, Silence of the Lambs

    • Memento I have not yet seen, but I've heard it's great

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    • Memento is awesome, should definitely watch it.

    • The Game is one I can watch every few years as well. You have to suspend your disbelief a little bit but it's incredibly entertaining to me.