What would you do if you got a rude email from a youtuber you were asking advice from?

I asked a question asking for advice from a youtuber on his travels. Im not even a subscriber I never was and they sent me this:

"Learn how to write an email to someone you don't know and maybe I will answer you. Here are some hints: introduce yourself, tell me why you want the following information, ask the question, and thank me in advance for my time and effort. For the record I could care less if you email me back. But in the future if you reach out to someone you don't know learn some manners. You will get better results. Good luck!"

My email was just two questions in a sentence.


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  • Well I wouldn't DO anything lol. But I definitely think his email was uncalled for. Even if I based his response from perhaps your email being worded oddly, he still didn't need things like "I could care less if you email me back" and " thank me in advance"... he's a dick mate.


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  • Lol wow he/she sounds hella pompous. Forget about that loser.

    Some YouTubers need to be reminded they're not celebs but people with video cameras that got lucky


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  • Leave it alone. He is an ass. If u do not want to get in trouble leave him alone but if u are risks taker and take no shit from anyone like me then tell him the fuck off.

    • what risk is that? him blocking you? or calling the police to come and get you?

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    • lol he emailed me back a long ass email, I am over here laughing my butt off. He is mad, I did not even cuss at him I just was polite. I am over here dying of laughter.

    • @marcoaurelian lol you still mad. Go away

  • maybe he gets a lot of emails, and he may have had a point, you may not had worded if properly.

    • I asked him: "Are you a permanent citizen of Japan or do you just teach?"

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    • That makes no sense seeing how I told you what i said to him first. I was not rude. Maybe you should learn to read before typing.

    • ha ha you are obviously immature and you do not know the meaning of thinking before you speak. lol bye :)

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