Have you ever watched "Eternal sunshine of a spottles mind"?

I believe it to be a great movie.

Great depiction of what's happening in months after breakup.

-----SPOILER ALERT------
What I see from it is seeing your ex moved on, you decide to move on and then you go through a rollercoaster of moving on. There is always that little part of you that tries to keep holding on to the hope, trying to not let go, but as the time goes on you can't fight it any more and you "forget", you move on.

On the other hand, the girl , though she tought she moved on still has this little thing burried deep down. Everybody that reminded her of him got on her nerves (the guy that tried to win her using knowledge from "medical" files).

One day, this little thing inside them pushes them both to the place where they are sure they will see the other person and then the spark happens...

It's contrary to other peoples opinion very happy and romantic movie in my opinion.


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  • yes! and i loved it 😊 one of my all time favs

  • May check it out tonight

    • You won't be disapointed!

    • I checked it out, lol. First bit was a bit meh but got into it after a few minutes

    • Yeah in the beginning it's like "wtf am I watching?" Then it gets good :D

  • No I have not heard of it


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