I just started playing pokemon Gold and the best thing just happened to me! WTF?

Not only did I find a site that lets you play the earlier pokemon games for FREE: https://www.playr.org/play/pokemon_-_gold_version/1360 , but I haven't even been laying it for TWO HOURS, and this NPC already wanted to trade my *bellsprout*... FOR A F*CKIN' *ONIX*!!! WTF? and my cyndaquil (nicknamed squooter) had only just evolved! I used to watch the anime as a kid, and I know that onix is *WAY* to powerful for it to be possible to obtain one this early. Is the game broken? are the NPCs really this stupid?


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  • Onix isn't that strong compared to a lot of other Pokemon.


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  • What you just said makes as much sense as me explaining imaginary number math to my girlfriend.

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