Is Naruto a terrible character?

Is Naruto a terrible character?
Naruto was the container of the Nine Tail's which attacked the village he lived in many years ago before the series began. His father died protecting the village and his final request was that Naruto should not be harmed and looked at as a hero. Naruto grew up as an attention whore. He caused trouble and mischief so people would notice him as everyone just gave him the cold should, ignored him and stared at him with cold eyes.
Is Naruto a terrible character?He wanted to become hokage not for some noble cause like trying to better/protect his village but because he wanted everyone to acknowledge him and shower him with attention. Now the character wins battle not by his own merit but by using the nine tail (Powerful demon fox) power out of him when he is getting his ass kicked. Basically it's like if you were fighting someone who could turn into superman whenever they wanted. So essentially he doesn't win battles on his own skill but by just being so OP the other guy can't win.

Is Naruto a terrible character?
Now the character not only sees the world in childish ideology of black and white but he forces whatever belief he has down people throats. Sasuke left the village, and naruto wanted to drag him back to the village to be his friend against his will. Obito was a ninja much like Naruto who wanted to be Hokage but things turned bad for him in life. Rather than listening to his view on the world, Naruto just called him stupid and decided to berate him on why he was right.

He's also extremely arrogant and tend to think he's the best almost rubbing it in people's faces over and over on how he's going to beat them. In addition, when the series finally ended and he became hokage he is shown to be a slacker, not knowing what the hell he is doing and only pretends to get work done when people enter into his office.
Is Naruto a terrible character?Contrast this to another character in the series Rock Lee who was told he would not amount to anything and was born with a birth defect. Lee proved everyone wrong by working hard and became a great, humble ninja.

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I would just like to add the character rock lee embodies a lot of Goku's characteristic. He started out with nothing but worked hard and became powerful. He fails a lot earlier in life but never let that deter him from achieving his goal. A much better role model for kids if you ask me.


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  • Naruto is a terrible character. His voice is annoying. He's an attention whore, hypocrite who likes force people to believe in his ideology and overall is an immature kid throughout the entire manga.



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  • Naruto doesn't rely solely on the nine tails fox. His shadow clone jitsu, his sage mode, and his resengen all have nothing to do with the nine tails, and he uses those jutsus a lot more throughout both the naruto and the naruto shipuden series. And even towards the end when he does rely on hid tailed beast modes it's only after serious effort to not only master but get the nine tails, a demon who'd love nothing more than to destroy naruto and the rest of the ninja world, to submit to him.
    And his desire to become hokaga, well at first was for recognition (remember he's a preteen in the naruto series, so what are you expecting?), it soon becomes a much more nobler desire, to bring peace to the ninja world.
    Though his father wishes for him to be seen as a hero, he's not. He's seen as an outcast. He's shunned. He grows up with no family and no friends. So yea, he acted out to get some attention, because that's completely unrealistic. Kids that don't get any family attention don't act up in real life.
    Rock Lee is every bit as arrogant as Naruto, constantly talking about how he's going to be the best ninja, his belief that he can't beat his teammate Nenji, a true prodigy. His constant boasts about his speed. Yep, real humble guy.
    Naruto listened to Sasuke, Obito, Gara, and even Pain that's why he's able to get through to them, because he does listen and he does understand. But understanding isn't agreeing. No, he didn't go, oh your right Obito, go ahead and put everyone in the world under a mind control jutsu. You're right, there's a lot of suffering, best of we all become mindless slaves. That would make a much better character, your right.

    • And that's complete be, goku is powerful because he's a sayain. Not because he worked hard, no because he was given godlike powers.

  • The entire series story-writing and character-development was just beyond aweful. The world and all was interesting and had quite a bit potential, but thats about it.

    • As a writer, could you please explain how the character development was bad?

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    • I accused you of nothing, your distaste for naruto is sprinkled throughout your replies, for instance “a fifth grader could have done better." I had asked you for to be more exact and have reasons illustrating how he had developed. You in turn commented that he only got stronger despite none of reasons having had anything to do with strength. Not to mention dues ex machina has little to do with how he developed in terms of maturity or mentality.
      And throwing stones would imply I had first resorted to shame tactics, I had not. You can't find a single instance prior to your fanboy remark where I attempted to shame you.

    • I gave*
      despite none of the reasons I gave*

  • Nah naruto is suppose to represent how we wish we could be... like... when you're a kid and thnk you can become anything you want to be... not the best basis for s character i agree but i wouldn't call it bad
    Also naruto did use his own strength it is said countless times throughout the manga that kurama wouldn't put up with anyone else... so no i dint buy that whole "borrowed power" bs then those same people that say that turn around and talk about how much stronger saskuke is... borrowed curse mark... borrowedeyes... borrowed hashi cells... Borrowed rinnigan
    Also when does naruto claim to be the best and rub it in peoples faces how powerful he is
    Maybe in part one when he was just acting tough
    But part two he rarley ever... if ever brings up how powerful he is and how much stronger than others he is... only time that comes to mind is when he fights pain and asks tsunade to tell the anbu to keep everyone out of the fight cause they would just get in his way

    • The best part of this is that yoh say goku is a good character lol
      Goku is a terrible character that leaves his kids to go train
      And dragon ball as a whole is a terrible manga / anime thats over hyped because it used big explosions and power ups to hook us as kids

  • Who gives a shit? He's not real

  • Nope

  • Yes he is


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