Girls, what games are you into?

Because I'm a gamer, y'know.


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  • I probably play Civilization IV the most. I like the Pokemon games too and my favourite would be Fire Red, with the ORAS games a close second. Zelda is good too and my favourite of that series would be Windwaker. I've been playing Undertale recently and actually really like Huniepop :P Portal is pretty good too and Cities: Skylines is good to pass the time.

    • You're all over the place.

    • Thanks for the MHO! And yeah, pretty much, I guess that I'll play most things that aren't just plain ol' fighting or shooter games, if it's got substance, I'll give it a go :)

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  • Civilization V. I like history, strategy, and the music is nice in that game.

    • I like strategy games too. The old age of empires series (mainly 2), and hegemony 3 (which is in, I think... pre-alpha right now, which is BS, but it's an interesting take on the rise of rome), and shogun 2: total war is a classic. Naval Action is a pretty hardcore mil sim of napoleonic times.

      There's so few history games out there! :/

    • Oh, and the grand strats, like crusader kings 2 and victoria 2.

  • car races

    • Yeah, it's been awhile since I played any racing games... mariokart immediately comes to mind and then there's diddykong racing (lesser known), but then there's the 'non-kiddy' stuff like gran turismo. I know little of racing games having not played a lot in recent years, but there is an appeal for them in the multi-player scene.

  • Grand theft auto, skyrim, metal gear, resident evil

    • Yeah those are fun.

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    • What's your favourite thing to do in those games?

    • Skyrim I like exploring and becoming Thanes. GTA the missions, and the other 2 I like the story

  • Destiny, Fallout 4, Skyrim, Minecraft, All the CODs, and more I don't feel like typing.

  • All of the Dragon Quest games are pretty fun. But besides that, I don't really play any video games or anything. I've tried Minecraft but it frustrated the heck out of me so I gave up on it 😁

    • Ha, that's fine. You don't have to be 'into' video games, if it's not your thing (some guys hate that, actually, when a girl 'pretends'; personally, I don't care).

      Still a fun thing to do if its an inside day, play a casual (not too frustrating) game for multiple players.

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