Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab E for Microsoft Word, College Assignments, video game emulators and speed performance use?

just save up more money for a Galaxy Tab S2 "9.7" in. later on this year?

I'm trying to decide between a Tab E and a Tab S2 since the Tab E seems like pretty much just a cheaper version of the Tab S2 "9.7" with less internal memory. However, the hardware of the S2 seems more powerful. Need something that I can use for Microsoft Word and for something that can run video game emulators smoothly as well as running any applications smoothly.

  • Buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab E.
  • Save up money for later and buy a Galaxy Tab S2 "9.7"
  • Others
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  • Microsoft is free to students. Just use your school email.

    • Any of their tablets?

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    • Yeah but I'm asking a question regarding a portable device (that's not a home computer or laptop), a tablet in particular, that I can use for the following things I've mentioned that I plan on using for, not if whether or not Office 365 is free.

    • Android device for sure

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