Any guitar players or guitarists on gag?

Here's mine... https://scontent-lhr3-1. xx. fbcdn. net/v/t1.0-9/249163_134618136735914_183338966_n. jpg? oh=4bb67061f2b161b87fcc7863307dbf53&oe=583EDC2B


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  • I indeed play guitar. I'm more of a drummer, but I have at least improved on guitar over the years. Playing progressive metal songs has helped quite a bit, especially with creating bizarre chords that sound beatiful but are hard. :D

    • Nice one, You look like a metalcore guy... I have a question about guitar?
      Basically I'm sick of reading guitar tabs.
      I'm trying to learn to read music and learn about time signatures and strumming patterns,

      Basically is there any rule to strumming patterns? like if something is in 4/4 do you just strum up and down, and how do you know which direction to strum chords?

    • Typically, for pure strumming for 4/4 (counted as "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and"), on each number you do a downstroke and each "and" you do an upstroke.

      So if it is "1 2 and and 4 and," the pattern of Big Me by Foo Fighters, you go "down down up up down up."

      If you are looking for tabs that are easier to read, I strongly suggest songsterr. com. The tab plays as you read it so you can get the pattern.

    • Oh and note that it is possible to alternate every strum, but it makes it harder on yourself later on when you get to extra difficult stuff (i. e. The strum pattern of the beginning of Passenger by Periphery)

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