What are your opinions on this Turkish song?


Laz ali

İt makes më wanna get up and dance. You don't need to understand to like it.


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  • Sounds like typical middle eastern music, not my style.


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  • Srs? Is that what a lot of Turks listen to nowadays? Please tell me there are other types of music.

  • I like Arab music!
    yeah, lol, I feel like riding a camel, and dancing with belly dancer ladies

    • Arab? Lmao I think you should get your geography&history lessons again, such an ignorant :D

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    • @Jan1ssary_ If history serves me correct, the English made the ottomans kneel at the end of WW1

      Bunch of illegitimate Caucasoids.

    • English didn't make Ottomans kneel at WW1 bruh, we didn't let them Conquer our capital Istanbul at battle of Gallipoli so they couldn't enter in Anatolia. We were Allied with Germans and Austro-Hungarians when they surrendered we surrendered too cause we had no allies except them, so the sultan signed "Sevr Treaty" which was a treaty about collapsing Ottoman Empire and making us vassals, but it didn't work cuz Mustafa Kemal Atatürk got Turkish people United, rejected the Sevr Treaty and kicked your butt out of Anatolia in 2 years.

      If there wasn't Atatürk then yeah your dream could be true, but sorry bruh the truth is we enslaved you, yes but you couldn't enslave us :D GG.

  • 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄


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