What's a sexy/alluring lastname for Blythe?

Blythe is a female 500 year old witch just to be more detailed. Looks wise, she looks to be in her late twenties early thirties, no one is for certain how old she actually is. She is 5'4", with a curvy hourglass frame, pale white skin, raven black hair that is straight parted in the middle and reaches her shoulders in a curve, with hazel eyes. The features of her face are very contoured, and she is usually wearing wine red lipstick, she has full lips. Overall she looks very alluring, in a posh gothic sense. Similar to the vibe that Morticia gives off in The Addams Family.
I'm asking because she's my character. Holy fuck you guys are rude.


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  • Blythe Velvela sounds pretty cool in my opinion


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