Do you agree that the Rock ‘n Roll spirit is dead in today’s youth?

I believe what killed it is technology. People go to concerts holding their phones, which is something that doesn’t belong to the general Rock ‘n Roll concept in my opinion. See Rock live concerts from three or four decades ago, and see a recent one. You will realize the difference. Also that the bands promote their music via internet. Although this is not new, it actually started during the MySpace golden era (mid 00s), but now it became almost essential for a band to promote their music via internet.

Also what “Rock” bands play in our days isn’t Rock at all. It’s just “Pop in disguise” or to put it better “Pop in denial”. Modern artists think they are “too good” to be branded as “Pop”, so they call themselves “Rock” instead. Bullshit.

And most teens and young adults who claim they listen to Rock, are actually posers.
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  • I actually love classic Rock and try to go to concerts when they're in town the people that go to those are the real rock fans, no phones just lighters waving in the air.

  • You clearly dont know me man.


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  • Times change, music changes. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Totally wrong. Even the most obscure Rock bands in 70s-80s, had something to say. Now?

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    • Lol, Green Day has songs about the death of a loved one, depression and lost loves.
      Have you never heard American Idiot?
      It literally says "One Nation Under the Media!".
      Don't you think that's a message?

    • And crappy music.

  • The foos are the last real rock band standing in my opinion

    Thats a bit of an over statement
    But like everyone else that still plays is so old
    I don't know what im trying to say lol

  • I don't think all modern rock is bad so i'll go with the flow

  • noopppee


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