Kendall Jenner 3rd highest paid model?


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  • She seems like a nice girl, she seems like she works hard despite everyone thinking it's handed to her. She keeps to herself, goes to work, and lives her life. She didn't choose to be a reality star so why shouldn't she be able to work in the business she wants? She's not hurting anyone.

    No one ever says anything about the Beckham kids, Johnny Depp's kid, or Cindy Crawford's kid modeling... So why is there so much Kendall hate is my question?

    • Whether we like to beleive the this or not, Kendall is famous because her sister Kim is famous. Look at her photo shoots she looks the exact same in all of them. Designers just want to kiss her butt because her family is famous. I'm not saying she shouldn't be a model, she could be whatever she wants to be but is Kendall Jenner of all people really such an amazing model that she'd be the 3rd highest paid model?

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  • It partly has to do with nepotism - more like being born into the right circumstances. Being in her family with access to the business associates her family uses, she got good advice and was able to capitalize on that, But, she was both smart enough to follow that advice and good looking enough to have it work. Look at Kourtney... she's not on that list and that's because she's not that good looking and so doesn't have that many followers.

    • Do you mean Kylie? Kylie is selling lip kits and I doubt she wants to be a model. If she wanted to become a model I guarentee you she'd be on vogue, in fact she's been on teen vogue. She apparently has 73M followers on Instagram.

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    • Jesus Fucking Christ this is not rocket science. Yes, Kourtney isn't as good looking as Kendall, therefore she can't capitalize via nepotism like Kendall can. In other words, part of Kendall's success has nothing to do with nepotism but simply that she is a good looking girl.

    • Alright.

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  • I think she's basic, flat, and not worthy of being ranked #3. She sucks.

    • I think it's just really sad. I don't know why everyone is obsessed with that family.

  • The fact that you care is the reason why she makes so much

    • Me caring has nothing to do with why she's the 3rd highest paid model.

    • The moment a person like you clicks on her name she became more famous so obliviously agencies are gonna pay her more and put her on the cover because she's well known among people like you -_-

    • "People like me"... I think she's paid that much because she's well connected to people in the fashion industry because her sister is Kim Kardashian.

  • She's making more than Kim.

    Why? Celebrity can be self sustaining. It's like she got famous as part of a group of celebrities and she was The best looking of that group.

    • Yeah. But to me Kim is actually the best looking, then Kendall is after her. It's just really surprising that she's making that much money. I don't think there's anything extraordinary about her modeling skills tbh.

    • She's not actually a model in the traditional sense. She's more a 'spokesperson'. It's like when sports celebrities are in an ad they're working as 'midels' but weren't hired for modelling skill. They were hired because they are celebrities.

    • Yeah!! You're so correct about that!!

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