PLL'ers: What do you think about Pretty Little Liars ending?

It's bittersweet, in my opinion. It's been way too long. But it's also sad we'll be losing a show we've kept up with and loved for the past couple years. I hope Tyler gets his own show again, since Ravenswood failed. He's amazing. :) Even with the messed up storyline and frustration PLL has caused us all, something about it has kept us watching, and I think that's amazing. I'm going to miss PLL!

Clarification: I mean what do you think about the show coming to an end - it's ending after the second half of this season.


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  • it was gud


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  • How did it end? I can't watch hit here by me?

    • Today was the summer finale (which I'm about to watch online), but there's going to be a few more episodes next year.

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    • What episode are you on?

    • I only finished season 6 and havent' seen season 7 yet