I ask this because whenever people whether family, peers, friends, or even strangers see my art their expressions are in awe as vain as that sounds. I've been asked on many occasions if I was going to school for it or have taken any classes. Which I respond with no, class kinda but not to specifically get a degree in it. I love sketching, my art teacher in high school called it Printmaking, and said I should consider doing something with that talent in my life career. I'd already decided on being and architect when I was I was in junior high. I drew the pages for a picture book during one of my classes, but again the picture was already created.
Anyway of getting of topic. The reason I ask is because my definition of an artist is being able to express yourself or surrounding in a visual form, something that comes to your mind. The problem for me is that everything I've drawn is already create or taken. Like the pictures of people or animals, places, nothing that comes from my mind turns out write or I never produce it well and stop. I'm sorry if this is confusing.

With the comments that have shown so far, I really appreciate the kind words and the advice.


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  • You are an artist for sure and I've done architecture and got bored in the field work but i was never that studious or creative. So the work you the looking for is "CREATIVE". You are not finding creativity in your work yet. See it that way that you have one right tool your sketching which is an art for sure and it make you an artist. I think you are probably looking at whole concept in a wrong way. Every art you make it should have some concept or story behind. Conceptualization is the main part then the whole hierarchy of your thought process. There is a lot to learn. And If you get into architecture would will learn a lot of things which will make you understand my point better. It's an amazing course. I can't say that everyone get the chance to show their creativity when they are in field and it could take a long time to get there but the time you spend in college learning thing it'll be interesting and full with exposure in a lot of areas.

    • Thank you, this is the sort of reassurance and sensible response that helped. I'll keep this is mind for my future.

    • Your welcome... and sorry for so many grammatical and other stupid mistakes but i think u' can understand what my point is.

  • If you make art, then you are an artist. If you sell your art, then you are a professional artist. If you support yourself selling art, then when someone says "What do you do [for a living]?" you can say "I'm an artist".

  • yep your an artist.


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