Dear singers, please help me?


So I'm about to record a song on Tuesday, but the problem is that my producer says 'i'm overdoing it'. Like I should just relax more and kind of have a singing style like her:

I have the voice, my technique is just not right yet. Do you maybe have a tipp, something you imagine to relax while you sing or somthing?

Thanks alot!


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  • Do you drink a cup of hot tea before you sing? The heat helps to relax the vocal cords.

    Sometimes, I listen to (and sing along with) a favorite vocalist who sings in the style that I want to project. If I want to sound a bit raspy, I listen to Rod Stewart. If I want to sound folk/country, I listen to James Taylor or John Denver.

  • Why are you asking that here? We are just talentless idiots compared to talented gods like you.


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