RIP Gene wilder, what were your favorite scenes of Gene?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Just in Bits and Pieces of Some movies that I Might have seen.
    However, I knew One big thing about Gene's Heart... He loved and Missed Gilda very much and Now Somehow, They can get in those Blazing Saddles and Ride off in the Sunset together in their own Chocolate Factory.
    Good luck and Great question, @OrdinaryGentleman xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hard to choose. One of the funniest he was part of, was the "Puttin' On the Ritz" scene with Peyer Boyle in Young Frsnkenstein. Interestingly, Brooks nixed the Ritz scene when Wilder suggested it, but Wilder talked him into filming it on the promise if it didn't appeal to Brooks they could cut it. Brooks later conceded it was the funniest bit in the movie.


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