For those who are a fan of the NBA, has the golden state warriors ruin basketball?

I talking about the addition of Kevin Durant. They are just gonna but hitting nothing but three pointers. And the games I feel are gonna be a massacre against opposing teams.


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  • Unfortunately, super teams are here to stay. Players would rather take the easy way out and take shortcuts to win a championship than try to best one another (you can blame AAU for that). LeBron started this in 2010 when he joined Miami.

    Yes, Golden State is the favorite to win the title and their starting 5 is unfair, but their bench got a lot weaker since they lost a lot of key contributors such as Bogut, Barbosa, Barnes, and Speights.

    • Yeah I think that it is a big mistake to add Kevin Durant and get rid of your key bench players. They are going to be unstoppable for the starters, then the bench then the bench is going to be horrible. I think they made the team worse.

    • Yeah, they're very top heavy. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Can't wait!

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  • my friends in california are talking about it


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  • I don't know, but it will easily be the greatest show on earth. I got wet dreams watching them play last year and it's going to be that on steroids? Jesus!

  • Everyone said the same thing about the heat and you saw what happened with them. I gurantee as long as this cavs core stays intact the Warriors won't win another championship everyone else well it's just a unfortunate situation

    • Kevin Durant is going to look real stupid if they don't win a championship. People are going to lose a lot of respect for him as a player even more.

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    • Yeah I don't think it is guaranteed that they win a championship. They got rid of a great bench for something they already have, great shooters. When they get deep into the season and playoffs they won't last in my opinion.

    • Yeah guarntee they won't make it back to the finals because a team is built on its bench not the starters if you need further proof look at Portland a couple years back excellent starting 5 but no bench and most of them got worked into the ground because of it. End result lamarcus left for San Antonio batum went to the hornets and dame became the only star left on the team

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