World of warcraft players I am having trouble logging in? Is your battle. net info your game login? I am so confused please help?

I am recovering an old account, well trying to. Is my battle. net info my game login? Please help?
I don't have the game downloaded yet, and I want to see if I still have my old characters. How can I view my characters from battle. net. com?


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  • Damn thats one old account.
    Battlenet should be email and pass. I forget if I had to sign up for something when it came out, also it should be just. net. com would likely be a phishing site.

    Recover to your email would prob be your best bet.

    • Yeah I quit as soon as lich king came out lol. Funny thing is I actually recovered it.. but I think I got it confused with my trial account. Anyway, I have to wait because of too many failed attempts.

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    • It's nothing like death knights haha. Everyone was a death knight, decent amount of DH but it's not as insane.

    • I wonder why? Demon hunters are really cool... I'm not gonna lie..

  • Battle. net info is your log in info
    If you're having problems give them a call, their customer support is pretty good
    I also recommend you download the authenticator app


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