How much can I make nude modeling?

Has anyone I had experience. Is there art modeling where you have limited clothing but are not naked?

Does anyone have experience with nude modeling.



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  • I have done this but only in a tfp capacity and only for myself, not for any bookings or castings.


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  • I'm actually doing this on the 13th at my university lol. Was originally $10/hr but apparently it's $15/hr now. You won't make much tbh. I just wanted to pull numbers after class lmao.

    • how long do you stand in one pose?

      how long do you go per session without break?

      do they choose the poses or do you?

      how do they schedule it. how many times a week can you go. how many weeks does it last?

    • Different pose every 5 minutes. Doing it for two weeks, twice a week. That's all I know as of right now. If you want to you can PM me later on and I'll let u know how it goes

    • oh you're still doing it? great. ok i will, thanks :)

  • I had a date with a woman that nujde modeled a lot for a college in town. She said she made a pretty decent amount of money from it but you can't live off of it.

    • i can live off very little actually... i'm a minimalist.

    • Minimalist or not you may have a car payment, rent, groceries, money to go out and have fun on weekends, etc. etc.

  • Unless you are doing it at a big college, don't bother. That shit is filled with sleezy guys who will only try to get with you and the situation it puts you in won't be easy to deal with.

    • first of all you can't just drop in take a class. you have to be in an upper level course. its only for art majors.

      also what situation, they can't touch me. its a professional setting.

      do you have actual experience?

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    • no no. i meant on campus. i see. you said unless its a 'big' campus. but i was never intending on posing for anyone privately. i know the money is less that way but im not doing it just for money.. i am an actor and i want the experience of seeing my body as art not as sex. . i just wanted to know what it pays.

      i see what you mean , but i only meant on campus.

    • Oh, thank god. Yea I said big campus because I would be careful even at some schools

  • İ am amateur photographer. I wanted to shot nudes and talk with friends. We tried it. I didn't pay them they didn't pay me, that was for art

  • Don't expect much
    There is a lot of girl just like you who wanna do that
    But there is other jobs which you can earn more but with less honor

    • nude modeling is not a job for women. women and men model for art.

      the amount you get varies greatly. thats why i asked if anyone had experience.

      not interested in sex work.

    • I didn't mean it about sexwork and if it's for art
      I guess you would earn more than it

  • I wouldn't imagine you make much at all unless you are like a top, famous model

  • I have no idea lol

  • i dk but, other respectable jobs, might find out you did that, and will judge you

    • nude modeling is about art form not sex. there would be no great paintings without nude models. students would not learn the contours of the body.

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    • im just sayin' you need to check yourself, before you do this

    • Both will have people sexualizing you

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