Do you have a band? what are the most common cases of human weirdos you have to deal/you dealt with?

fun time post :D !

I used to sing with a lot of bands but due to some problems (IE drugs, girls and life in general) it never went nowhere! Basically i think i had a bad temper with a lot of those guys i played with but also my share of flaws

However, do you guys/gals play in band? which genre? do you have a bandcamp page where i can throw my ears on it?

these are the most common human headcases i had to deal with - what are yours?

The useless chatter - the one who just TALKS but never take action to get gigs or whatever. usually in company of...

The drunker/drug addict - the one is into it just for the beers, and often the drugs. When he's sober can be the life of the party, but once he lose his shit some bad stuff can happen Too drunk to play, let alone run after girls who can be also...

The egomaniac - The one i hate most. Basically the one who wanna command without haing a clue on how things are and how the band is a band and not a way to get his ass recognized in spite of the other band members

The intellectual - "Im into it for Art man. ART. You know, like _____ (insert reference to some obscure forgotten "genious") i wanna be like him/her!" < basically a fanboy trying to impress other fanboys copying his heroes. Pretty easy to handle but often he's friend with the egomaniac, and that's the reason of stupid issues

let me hear ya opinion kids!


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  • I was apro musician for many, many years. A band is like a pirate ship.

    • ahhahaah yeah i know :D thats a thing that make it interesting

  • Not a band
    It's a duo


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