Which of the following superhero/ines do you find the most ridiculously overpowered?

While I think Superman is the obvious pick, at the same time, I might rank Wonder Woman/Princess Diana just slightly higher since she often gets a free pass (mostly by biased fanboys) of being overpowered while Superman at least gets all the hate for it.

  • Wonder Woman
  • Superman
  • Silver Surfer
  • Wally West aka Kid Flash/The 3rd Flash
  • Others
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  • Bruh, that kid, Franklin Richards is literally the most overpowered character in any comic I have ever seen. Doctor Manahattan too but seriously, Richards is basically a god in the Marvel Universe. He can rearrange reality pretty much to his will, he's an Omega-Level Mutant, he's on par with The Celestials
    And I find it funny you should put Silver Surfer considering he's Galactus's Herald. Because Franklin made Galactus HIS personal Herald at one point lol

  • I dunno superman is starting to seem a little weak now. Everyone always gets a one up on him

    Thor was underrated hard in Avengers. In the movie Thor he was insanely powerful but in Avengers he was pretty weak

    • They nerfed him down in Avengers so he wouldn't take all the attention away from the rest of the characters. Comic book Thor is on a different level though.

  • I picked The Flash

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