Phoenix Wright for Smash 5?

I'm not sure if there will even be a Smash 5, but if there is. this guy NEEDS to be in the game. If they let Pac Man in, they can let Phoenix in. Come on Nintendo!

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  • HOLD IT! OBJECTION! TAKE THAT! It would most likely be up to Capcom though..

    • I created a partial Phoenix Wright moveset that would incorporate all three of those epic quotes in some of his smash attacks and B moves. I would totally main him if he actually made it in. But yeah, it would ultimately be up to Capcom probably. But hey! Mega Man made it in so there's still a little hope at least

    • A block with court papers might look pretty decent.. Yeah Capcom is iffy, not as bad as Konami but still. Took forever to get Wright on Android so I'm not getting my hopes up.

  • Yeah!!!

    • Then if there are no further objections...

      'Slams gavel'