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I am attempting to write a story based off of Native American concepts and particularly their creation myth like "The Woman Who Fell From the Sky."

In the beginning, there were two twins. A brother and a sister. The brother was the mellow, hippy spiritual type representing the Soul, while the sister was the intellectual, scientific type, representing the Intellect. East and West. They loved each other greatly, and in a friendly rivalry, they each went their separate ways in order to create. And create they did. Fueled by friendly competition with one another, they created an entire universe of mythological creatures and fantastic beasts. Most notable, their own primordial society of followers whom they ruled over as gods.

Eventually this caught the attention of their Mother, an even more ancient and powerful amoral force who is opposed to creation. Tired of having her space encroached upon, she tried to put a stop to her children. But in a gutless act of betrayal, they rebelled against their mother, and together were able to defeat her. But in the process, they and their entire creation died, culminating in the Big Bang which led to the universe as we know it now.

Fast forward millions of years and humanity is now an interstellar civilization locked in a bitter arms race against two other alien species, each about equal in terms of technological might. Their conflict leads them to The Reserve, an inter-dimensional "Lost World" akin to Jurassic Park/Skull Island that was not destroyed in the conflict between the Twins and their Mother.

It is a remnant of the original universe that the Twins created, possessing fantastic ruins and dangerous beasts akin to nightmares.

And this is where the story takes place.

The twist? Humans are the descendants of both of the Twins' societies, being both Intellect and Soul. Thus, they are the only species capable of defeating the Mother once and for all, who is prophesied to be released again.
In the process of exploring The Reserve, the Mother is released per the prophesy.

It is also prophesied that only one human can truly defeat her once and for all, one who will be the perfect embodiment of both Soul and Intellect, mastering them as perfect complements. In the process of doing so, he or she must also die as the Twins died before them to stop her. This is the Christ figure of my story.


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  • That is a complex story but sounds good

  • It very well could

    • Do you have any particular information on Native American cosmology and spiritual themes? I would love to incorporate them into this.

    • I know a little but nothing you could not find online.
      What you should know is that The mythology of different tribes differs, sometimes a little, sometimes a whole lot.
      Some tribes mythology are as similar as greek and roman myth and others are as different as Japanese and Celtic Mythologies.
      What we call American Indians, thats an umbrella term, thats like calling both a Spaniard and an Estonian both European.
      They often don't say, Oh I'm native American (They will but they'll be more specific.)
      To them, their Cherokee, or Shoshone, or Algonquin, or Navajo, or Aleut, or Cheyenne, or Blackfoot.
      Hell despite being right next to each other I'd say that in a lot of ways, the Navajo and the Hopi are more different from Each-other than a Frenchman and a German

    • As in the Frenchman and the German have less differences between them than the amount of Differences between the Hopi and Navajo (They also are mortal enemies)

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