"Life of Pi" plot hole question?

Before the tiger jumped out from under the boat cover to kill the hyena, HOW was he still asleep under there WITH the hyena moving around him AND with all of the noises that the hyena, the orangutan, the zebra and Pi were making? If you thought that the hyena killing the zebra for food and killing the orangutan after she started threatening him was violent, the tiger would've freakin' butchered all three of them.


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  • Not at all. A smart organism that is confused maintains secrecy and remains hidden until it can ascertain what it should do. In the real human world, it's the adage "Keep your mouth shut and your eyes and ears open."

    Also, though, there is simply shock and exhaustion... and sea sickness. It could very well be that the tiger was not feeling well at all.

    Then again, was there even really a tiger? When Pi is interviewed by the Japanese insurance guys, they didn't believe him either. We never really know if Pi made up the story or not.

    I say, read the book.

    • I was thinking about the ending where Pi told the interviewer whether he believed his story or not - including whether or not the tiger would've waited that long to come out.

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  • Since i prefer the version in which the tiger is his inner instinct, i'd like to think that the main guy was obviously scared and shocked when all these murders were taking place... but after a while, especially after his mother was killed, he might have felt his anger creeping up and he couldn't have anymore.


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