What did you guys think of the season premier of American Horror Story season 6?

What did you guys think of it? I was kind of disappointed but I'm hopeful it will get better I'm actually banking on it getting a lot better within the next 2 episodes.

My favorite season was the 1st of course lol what is yours?

Thoughts, opinions of the first episode..


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  • I thought it was ok. A little discouraged because of all the hype on what the season was going to be about and a lot of fake teasers to keep us all guessing just for a "Paranormal Witness" or "A Haunting" like show? I hope it won't be like this every episode.

    • I was kinda hoping for something more creepy maybe demonic possession or what I would have done, Urban Legends. I think that would be an interesting season.

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  • I've not seen it


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