Does anybody here knows the 70s Japanese Hard Rock band Bow Wow (aka Vow Wow)?

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  • I went a vague yes - Somewhere in the back of my brain I recall the name - A few of my school friends were rockers so the name might have come up among them at the time.

  • Most at the least won't know who they are

    • Yeah, the only Hard Rock band those kids here know, is AC/DC. Sad, but true.

Most Helpful Girls

  • I highly doubt people know about almost any only locally known bands... Especially older ones - and if they didn't have any worldwide hits.

    • But this band was highly influential... bands like Iron Maiden or Metallica, have stated Bow Wow as their influence.

    • I get that concept, but the people who listen to Metallica and Iron Maiden probably won't try to listen to the bands that inspired the bands they currently listen to.

      + not very many people nowadays listen to Iron Maiden and Metallica either... so it's not easy staying that popular - especially if you're not making new music.

      Thank you for the mho!

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