I forgot the name of my favorite childhood cartoon... Help?

I remember watching this cartoon when I was little (maybe 6 so about 8 years ago - I know, i'm not seventeen, surprise I lied about my age.) but I have been searching online forever and I just cannot seem to find its name. It was about this little girl with red hair and glasses whose cat would always get stuck on the top of this building. She would always call a fireman and this fireman and her would for some reason - I don't recall why - go on adventures together. On these adventures they would be in a bit of a sticky situation and the little girl would then give the viewers three options (three of which were, surprise, not correct) they would show what would happen if they did do the two wrong ones, and then the right one which would then get them on to the next 'adventure'. This would happen three times until they would find their way home and get the cat down (or not, I don't quite remember that part.)

I believe it was sent on CN (Cartoon Network) back in the day, but I'm not sure.


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  • Can you give any other clues please?


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  • Fireman sam?

    • no thats definitely not it... The main character was the girl and not the fireman...

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