What's your Favorite 80's movie?

Which is it?☺️😘


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  • It's a 3-way tie for me between "Back to the Future 1":

    And "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade":

    And "Glory":

    Actually, those 3 are among my favorite movies of all times lol, not just the 80s. :D

    • Back to the Future!! :) Still gotta see Indiana Jones...

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    • @PlainJane86 Me too! It's nice to see some younger people who still like to collect physical copies of books and movies. :) The industries are pushing for a world where everything will just on "the cloud" someday -- with no more physical copies of any entertainment, and that scares me. I like to have something nice to hold in my hands, you know? Especially in times when you don't have time to read a favorite book or watch a movie again at that moment, it's nice to just take it off the shelf and hold it and look at the packaging for a bit. xD

    • Yes, I definitely know what you mean. I don't like ebooks or audiobooks, and I do look movies and shows up online, but I love the actual, good old-fashioned physical copies. I would hate to live in a world where they don't exist anymore. There's just something about having a copy in your hand that's all yours.

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  • I love so many 80's movies! I think 'Sixteen Candles' is my favorite though, if I had to choose. :)


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