If any of these apps existed, which would you want to use?

I have had some interesting conversations with others about what kind of apps should exist and these are just some of them that were mentioned. What would you all pick? I think they would all be a great idea.
  • A Dating app where you can hookup with single celebrities
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  • An app that lets you take a picture of someone's outfit and it tells you where to buy it!
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  • An app that helps direct you around the store or mall you are at
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  • An app that can help with homework
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  • A grocery list app that lets you know where in the store it is
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  • All of the above!
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  • None of these/other
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  • I know they exist but a sex app where it would tell you all you need to know about the person you wanted sex with including if they have STD's or not. also one where you are certain of sex not just maybe.


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  • An app that gets me a girlfriend that I know in real life.

  • Lets go all, why not

  • The grocery store one sounds brilliant.

  • None of these sound interesting. An app that can help with homework could be, depending what it is. A calculator can help with homework.

    • This app would show you exactly how to do the work and give you the right answer. Could be math or history doesn't matter. Like a cheat sheet but it would talk to you, like an audio tape lol.

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    • I know, if only it was. Hey we can dream can't we?

    • Well I dunno if you know it but there is wolframalpha. You can ask it maths or history or anything, but it's best for maths. It can solve almost any maths question, but I think you have to pay to see step by step how it did it. But my homework is mostly coding, a computer can't do that for me

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