GaG reacts to... BBC and wisdom teeth? How many of you have seen this?


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  • This sucks for me
    My wisdom teeth just came in
    When I first noticed them they hurt like hell,
    Now the hurt but only while I'm chewing

    • Record you experience and you too can talk about BBC and being stolen by your own parents.

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    • @Darkfairie17
      I'm just scared of the cutting
      I've never had stitches or been cut like that before

    • Thank you I'm supposed to go see about them tomorrow

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  • I've seen different wisdom teeth videos like this. I don't understand how they can be that out of it. When I had it done, I wasn't that bad off.

    • Some people handle drugs differently than others. It's like how some people handle being drunk or having a hang over. Hell, some people don't even get hang overs.

    • It depends on what they give you. I didn't get put out, but I had pills that made me 10 sheets to the wind. As far as remember, I had a GREAT time at the dentist that day! They gave me a blanket, I remember thanking everyone. Apparently my mom told me it took them a while to get me out there because I wanted to thank everyone personally lol! I just remember raving about the blanket they gave me in the room because I was cold lol!

    • @Darkfairie17 When I had it done they knocked me out and gave me laughing gas so they could put the needle in my arm to knock me out.

  • I had my wisdom teeth taken out earlier this year. I was pissed off like a bitch. Seriously. I didn't take a nap, like they advised.

    Well everyone reacts differently to stuff

  • I like watching videos about the aftermath of wisdom tooth surgery. I had mine removed last year and don't really remember the trip home. Apparently that's normal. But I do remember thanking everyone and I was told I had a hard time walking after.

    I didn't get put out fully though. I had pills that made me 10 sheets to the wind. And I don't remember the surgery. But I waited a long time to get my removed (I was 26). I had no issues with my wisdom teeth, they were pretty much out, but one was a bit impacted. But nothing too serious.

    I do think some of the people are over acting. But some of them truly do act like this. Have you ever seen an extremely drunk person? They're like this sometimes. It just depends on how it hits you.

    I loved the part where she was like "THIS LADY IS STEALING ME!" "911 HALPPPP!!!" HAHAHA!

  • I can't help but think a lot of these 'post-wisdom teeth' patients are over-acting...

    • They're not. Some people handle the anesthesia differently, and I've heard that people in other countries use different painkillers than they do in the states which is why it would probably seem fake to anyone who isn't from the U. S.

    • Hmmm, I didn't think painkillers would be strong that it would affect someone's behaviour... and if her parents didn't think she watched porn before, they know now...

      I had my wisdom teeth out and I just wanted to get the wadding out, because I felt like my tongue was swollen and I couldn't breathe...

    • It's like how there are different kind of drunks and hang overs. Some people are sloppy drunks with painful hangovers, and some people are sleepy drunks with no hangovers.

  • I haven't seen that one before but I saw the clip of the kid asking "Is this real?"

  • I have not but what do you mean by GAG? Like girlsaskguys members? or adminS?


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