Book help? I've forgotten Title and Author?

Okay I'm very sorry but I've tried numerous websites and obviously googled whatever lines I could remember, but I read this amazing book 4 years ago and I cannot remember its title.

A Scottish boy's mother pushes him out of the way of a cart after his boot gets stuck, and the British man who kills her gets away with it and also adds insult by throwing down a meager sum for this deed.

Flashforward, kid's a young man, sleeps with an old woman (but she's not? she turns into a young hot chick?) And they have sex and he's immortal but then he goes into town, has sex with an indentured servant type, and when he goes back to the magic chick she says "don't... you smell of that whore"

SO the only way to become not immortal is to find a brown skinned woman with a birthmark/tattoo and go into a cave or something...

I know that's not a lot to go on and I'm sorry but if someone could help me out I'd appreciate it a lot!!!


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  • If you remember the characters names you can google them.


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