What do you think abou up in the air?

Although, It seem to be a cool job that can flight around USA but I think it is still lonely on the trip and that woman who one night stand with George just dream life base on bored family and that freshman's attitude..
Do you think the author trying to show different life philosophy of american?
I saw my chilhood friend at Nvidia.. etc
Often flight around china and USA.
I still feel losing somthing maybe want to save memory but that just can not come back, so how do you deal with it on your road?
What do you think abou up in the air?


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  • Good movie! Don't think it's about travel or flying. It's about how you figure out the meaning and purpose of your life.

    • Yeah, fot instance that is really shock. He found that woman have family. Although that is another theme somewhere.
      I recently notice girl change into women then aunt
      although they become crazy talking sexual experience unshame when women get together but I think we need give their place to do it. They review lift at the same time.

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  • nothing much


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