Americans... been to South africa how was it?

South africa is a normal country a bit on the developing side but yeah. .. it's a developing country. how was your experience


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  • I live there. Yes, we really do ride lions & elephants. No cars. πŸ˜‰βœŒ

    • I'm a south African just testing the knowledge. ... play around with their ignorance

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    • @FierceSpartan Cool!!! :). But I'm not really a fan of Cape Town. I prefer Knysna... I'd love to visit the Tsitsikama forest one day... If that's how it's spelled :). You have an interesting history - Canadian? Canada is gorgeous. You're lucky.

    • My grandpa was Rhodesian but moved to SA in the early 70s and my dad was born in Zimbabwe. I would love to visit that place someday. I went to Mpumalanga last year. That place was beautiful. Cricket is not that popular in Canada but all the cricket stadiums in SA are gorgeous. I might go to Stellenbosch uni as a foreign exchange student for a year or two. But I'm little worried about the rampant crime rate and fear my safety.

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