Scream Queen fans: What did you think of the season premiere?

My thoughts:
1. Amazing. I missed it!
2. Isn't Dr. Holt (John Stamos) too old for Chanel?
3. I don't know what to think of Taylor Lautner joining... We'll see.
4. I miss Gigi, Chanel #2, Boone, and most of all Earl Grey. Am I the only one?
5. Is there going to be a new Chanel? That would be exciting.
6. Is this new psycho-killer someone we know?
7. Are they never reopening the college?
8. Now that the Chanels are working at an asylum, where are we going to get our fashion inspiration? Worried...
9. Is Chanel #5 alive?
10. Who that new big lady doctor? I don't like anyone who takes power away from our Queen Chanel.


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What Girls & Guys Said

  • I'm answering this after I watch it. Excited for this season :D

  • Not a fan... Reincarnating the same old thing, onl< new playing ground. And I literally mean the same old thing - since the woman is pregnant and the killer is her daughter or son again... Good God... Not interested anymore.

  • 1. I agree
    2. Yes he is
    3. I'm indifferent
    4. Me too
    5. I guess so
    6. Who knows, it's possible
    7. I'm not sure
    8. I'm not worried at all :P
    9. It's possible
    10. I wonder the same thing


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