Which grossly overweight wrestler of the past was the best?

These days wrestlers are all fit athletic types with the exception of a couple like the late big daddy V who missed his calling by a few years as well as a couple of others. Brodus Clay etc.

But back in the day, there were wrestlers whose whole gimmicks were that they were just big fat tubs of sh...
Anyway, sadly this breed has all but died out, so let's cast our memories and votes back in time and pick which tub of it was your favorite.
  • Which grossly overweight wrestler of the past was the best?Yokozuna
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  • Which grossly overweight wrestler of the past was the best?Earthquake
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  • Which grossly overweight wrestler of the past was the best?Vader
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  • Which grossly overweight wrestler of the past was the best?One man gang/Akeem
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  • Which grossly overweight wrestler of the past was the best?King Kong Bundy
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  • Which grossly overweight wrestler of the past was the best?Haystacks Calhoun
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  • Which grossly overweight wrestler of the past was the best?Kamala
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Vader was pretty mobile for his size. He could do a moonsault if I remember correctly.

    However, I went with Earthquake because I grew up watching him in the 80's battling my favorite wrestler, the Ultimate Warrior.

    • Did you vote? Yoko is still shmashin it 100%

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    • i always liked earthquake. he was a talented guy for his size. unlike bundy. not that i didn't like bundy but he had little wrestling skill

    • Haha he also put Hogan in the hospital in a storyline back when Hulk was partners with Tugboat I think lol.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yokozuna

    • I still haven't unseen the dimples in his ass

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  • i thought yokuzuna when i first saw the question but then i was torn between vader when i saw the options.

    i'd lean towards vader because he was very agile and able to mix in the speed with strength. high flying acts with power moves... although compared to the other options he really wasn't as overweight. he was 6'5 375lb and primarily muscle. so basically he was like a really really fit offensive linemen (in fact he was an offensive lineman for the university of colorado)

    so i voted yokuzuna since he was truly grossly overweight easily weighing 400-500lbs and i heard at times even weighing more than close to 800lbs

    vader best big wrestler of the lot
    yokuzuna best grossly overweight wrestler

    • I guess Vader was really agile wasn't he. But I remember he made a return to WWE for one night around 2005 or 2005 and he had let himself go so much that he fell over backwards trying to walk back up the ramp. That's why I included him

    • haha i didn't see that. i can imagine he blimped up. he was at a mall near me a few years ago and i could hardly recognize him from his wrestling days. i heard he's really smart. like an investment guy or something these days

    • Yeah I think he's a cool guy

  • Yokozuna and King Kong Bundy, but you forgot about Squasher Humphrey (William Joseph Cobb aka Happy Humphrey): www.gccwhistory.com/.../humphrey-happy-12.jpg
    He was the heaviest wrestler of all times.

    • Holy crap. I'd never actually heard of him

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    • So a lower centre of gravity than someone like earthquake or one man gang. Very hard to lift.

    • Indeed, he was tough and very stable fighter, just like Mark Hunt.

  • right on man, i forgot this was a thing. I always liked King Kong Bundy.

  • I think Rikishi deserves a mention, he was very mobile for such a big manhttps://www. wwe. com/f/styles/og_image/public/rd-talent/Bio/Rikishi_bio. jpg

  • Ok I voted Yokozuna, but what about Rikishi?

    • Just didn't think rikishi was quite the level of fatness. I only went with guys who got the 450lb or over billing

    • It's all good. Yoko ruled! Cornette was pretty awesome as well. I think he promoted Vader too..

  • My yokozuna got this hands down


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