Your favourite building?

I'm really obsessed with architecture and buildings and I'd like to know your favorite one
Here's mine : Santa Maria del Fiore Firenze Toskana. I promised myself I will visit it one day ❀
Your favourite building?
Your favourite building?


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  • you can go up into the top of the building and the views are insane. like you can see for miles. florence is one of my favorite places in the world

    my favorite building... hmmmm. don't think i can say but i'll give an example of an amazing building i was in recently.
    Pena Palace in Portugal. it's like straight out of a fairy tale

    • Fairytale indeed

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    • @LaFemmeFatale i'd definitely recommend it. very very affordable, very friendly people, beautiful beaches, cities, people, great food, awesome culture

      i definitely didn't expect to love it as much as i did

    • Thanks for recommendation. I'll definitely visit it someday.

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