What are the main characteristics of a TV series which has an end?

And what are the differences to a TV series which doesn't? An ending example: "How I met your Mother" or "Two and a half men". A never-ending example: "Big Bang Theory"


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  • The show was successful enough and the producers decided to end it before it lost audience or before the story started getting nonsense. There's also the possibility that the show wasn't very successful but it had enough audience for and ending to be filmed.

    Shows that never end normally have a very stable audience and the plot has the conditions to keep going.

    • But if the audience of "Two and a half Men" wanted Charlie Sheen to return to the show, the ending of the show would've come up due to the fight between the producer and Charlie Sheen. Right?

    • Hm, I'm not sure, I didn't watch Two and half Men.

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  • You are right - "The Big Bang Theory" has been going nowhere for a couple of years - Though I am guessing the end will be Sheldon and Amy getting married - I think a show has to end when the central story arc is completed - For example Charlie dying in "Two and a Half Men"


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