What is your favorite anime?

We have all seen at least one, whats your favorite? MY all time favorite is tengen toppa gurren lagann! This show has made me laugh, cry, feel happy, sad, motivated as fuck... its just the bestWhat is your favorite anime?


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  • Just one Izzy? ಠ_ಠ to think that u would underestimate my nerdiness like this... I am offended. Alrighty!! *pulls out large tome and blows dust off of it* Which Genre? Which type of character? Which Gender? Deep meaning or Just for fun? Age range? Yaoi or naw? ಠ_ಠ YAOI OR NAW?

    • naw pls. lmao and you absolute favorite one. I know you have to have one that really spoke to you

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    • host club was one of my first too lmaoo. Avatar will always be one of the animation greats. AND AKAME GA KILL WAS SO FUCKING GOOD HOW COULD I FORGET OMG. I don't like the season 2 of fairy tail because the art is different and it bothers me lol

    • -U- betcha had a favorite host too~ Mine was Mori because he was just so done with everyone ^-^ also my friends say im honey-senpai which I absolutely reject! <(u_u)>. Q-Q *light a flame for Zuko, he had such a crappy life until the end of the show!!* YESSS ALBEIT IT WAS HEART. BREAKING. EVERYBODY I LIKED DIED! and coming from Fairy Tail to that was a hardass transition. I mean like, Erza got blasted with the power of the sun and lived. But then you get to AGK and a character closes their eyes and you're just like :) 'Oh! he passed out! lol it's okay, they'll come back ^-^'

      *Three Episodes Later* *SNIFFLE* (ಥ﹏ಥ) Where they at tho? Are they hiding? M-maybe they'll come back at the en- *Final Episode* *FULL OUT SOBBING* SNIFFLE! OHGOD. SNOORT... WHERE THE FUQ IS THE SQUAD?

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