When you purchase a video game, whether on consoles or PC, do you prefer buying physical copies or digital copies more?

I only buy Digital copy games on both my PC and Consoles (PS3, PS4 and Xbox One) if the games are either on sale/discounts or if the game will be very extraordinarily great enough to last me for a very long time.
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  • Digital copies. Physical copies demand space to keep them and this is the space I could use for something else.

    • Yeah but once you buy a digital game and either it turned out to be a crappy game or you later get bored with the game to the point of wanting to sell it, you're stuck with it, unless somehow, it's possible to sell digital copy games you purchased.

    • I never sell games, it's not a problem for me. I like the idea of the game being mine forever, I never know if one day I'll want to play again, even after years.

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  • I only buy digital when in store is sold out and I don't want to wait weeks until I can get the game everyone else is talking about lol

    • I'll admit, when it comes to PC gaming, I buy far more digital copies not only because physical copies of any PC games are very difficult to find in retails but also because of steam sales, greenmangaming. com sales and it's a LOT less work to install digital copies than it is physical (just take a look at GTA V PC physical copy, which takes 7 discs to completely install the game).

    • I play REAL games which mean games not produced for the mindless masses! I play Nintendo and Nintendo isn't on PC! My goto for games is Amazon as they offer a 20% off discount for new games but when I can't get a game due to selling out I buy it digital on the eshop! Nintendo is life Nintendo forever and Nintendo or Die

  • i usually buy digital one , most recent was final fantasy 14

  • Digital Copy


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