Can I take my little sister to a 12A movie?

I'm going to a 12A movie with my friends on Friday.
Can I take my 11 year old sister with me? She barely looks old enough to pass as an 11 year old (she pretty much has the looks of a decent 9 year old).
The official website says "No one younger than 12 may see a 12A film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult", but if there's five 15 year olds, will they mind?

Sounds stupid, I know, but is there a way around it? Is it worth calling up the cinema? They're quite small so...


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  • Not sure. Here in the US, techically someone under 17 couldn't bring someone under 13 to see a PG-13 movie, but I don't think anyone would stop you.

    Question isn't just how old your sister looks, but how old you look.

    • The only thing is, if I do get stopped, I can't just go in and leave her outside the cinema.

      I could pass as 17 if it was just the both of us? But with my friends, some who are on the humorously childish side, I'm not so sure it'd work.

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    • Student IDs aren't until you're 16/17 ish anyway. And there's only one movie on that entire day. It won't be busy at all, therefore possibly less staff?

    • @Josht13 Huh. We get student IDs in 6th grade.

      @Asker Just call the movie theater. Shouldn't take any chances.

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  • Technically you can't, it's a coin toss whether you'll be stopped go for the youngest and youngest looking employee who probably won't know the strict rules or anything and will see no harm. I was stopped once for a 12a when I was 13 some people take it serious but I also got into a 15 6 months after.

    • Would they mind? An 11 year old in for a 12A movie? It's just a few months...

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    • There's only one on duty... it's a small cinema haha

    • Wait it's a small cinema is that the only one or is it a chain. If it's a smaller cinema they give literally no fucks I have gone into a 15 at 11 in a cinema that was a small 1 screen thing, they will not be under scrutiny like the big companies and won't care about the rules when it's only a 12a movie/

  • Depends on the cinema - They might be okay with it - If you ring up they will probably say no - 12A's aren't too bad, some of the humour is mature and often the kids don't get it - I would chance it, it is not like you like you are going to a R movie


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