Do you ever feel like everything happens at once?

Do you have these "dry spells" :D when you really have nothing to do and you are to lazy to make some plans? Or if you actually make some plans they get cancelled by someone or something? Do you then realise that suddenly there is that one weekend when every person wants to meet you and everything happens?
I think I have experienced this too often, also all the good and bad usually comes separately but like that. Like one week nothing goes right and all the plans you have turn out to be crappy. I think everyone has experienced this at least once, but why do you think it happens and is there anything to do to prevent it?


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  • A lot of the time, everything bad happens at once. Every once in a blue moon, a lot of good things will happen at the same time.


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  • These things just happen - I think it is just good or bad luck, you can't plan for it


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