Have you ever heard of the Nigerian singer Yemi Alade?

I think she is what we should be proud of as Africans. Seriously!!


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  • I've heard of her yeah but what do you mean as Africans? You profile as you're from Canada, you're not African you're Canadian which means her music is not a part of your culture.

    • Um for your information my parents grew up in Ivory Coast (West Africa) so yes I'm African Canadian (second generation). What were you saying again?

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    • Of course you're African, and be Ivorian and be proud about it. I'm saying what is driven behind my comment is the ignorance that black Americans put out there. I now understand that Ivorian culture truly is your culture, that has been acknowledge. But this is something I will continue to deal with, is when people express another culture as their own when they have no connections to it. Black Americans were just my example, and thank you for giving me the chance to explain myself.

    • Thank you for giving me the chance to educate you

  • I cannot say that I have but Nneka is pretty good, she's definitely got some skills! Her Concrete Jungle album is very soul felt.


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