G@G: October is finally here 👻🎃 share some of your favorite scary movie scenes?


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  • Ok so this isn't scary but it's more just plain disturbing and dark.

    But the gist of it is the big guy with the hat he lost everyone he ever loved and everything he had and on top of that he was experimented on to become a super soldier but the drugs and chemicals drove him insane and his mind progressively regresses the point were he is basically a child with the strength and skill of a super soldier plus the power to fly and has a shield that deflects bullets. He is also deathly afraid of cats and especially robotic cats because there was a robotic cat that taped him as he was being tortured and experimented on.

    He first just started hunting down and killing the people who made him the way he was but he came to enjoy killing and murdering people because it relived him of his own pain and suffering. And being like a child well there is nothing more cruel then a child.

    The guy in the suit with the hair is Spike the main character of the series Cowboy Bepop and a cowboy which is what bounty hunters are called in that series.

    Like I said this scene is really disturbing and dark and you actually feel bad for the guy /=


    • What makes this scene so disturbing is the fact up until that point he was a feared and cruel guy a super soldier experiment driven insane after years of experimentation and torture. Who's only choice is to kill in order to stop his own suffering and the voices in his head.

      But right before his death and at his point at death he's just a poor child in pain crying for his mother.

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  • The scene in the movie You're next, where the whole family is eating dinner together and all of a sudden they are getting attacked from the outside with arrows shooting through the windows and some of the arrows go right through someones head. That scene was super scary because I didn't expected it. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ


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  • Well it's not a scary movie even though it was a depressing one, but in the film "Radio flyer* the scene where Elijah Wood's character interacts with a giant buffalo at night always terrified me as a kid๐Ÿ˜จ the intro was so eerie.

  • The scene in Misery after she got hit in the temple with the type-writer and you thought she was dead but then she started attacking the guy again! XD

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