Do you like this song?

I am from Albania and this guy is the best rapper out there. Do you like this?

I forgot also to ask you to tell your opinion whether the signer with big lips is attractive for you or not and why (example don't like the big lips, like the lips but not the face etc).


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  • Uhm
    I would probably like it more if I knew what he was saying.

    • and do you like the singer, the one with big lips? an English song from him

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    • thnx for the opinion. Is really nice comparing the tastes of girls from different countries ;). I had a discussion with a female friend of mine about this guy's look this is why I am asking such question.

    • You're welcome

  • Yhea i kind of do like it

    • and the singer do you find him hot or not the one with big lips?

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    • because of the big lips only or in general you don't like him

    • Big lips are nice but he Isent

  • Dont really care for it

    • I know you don't care because the world is full of singers. The question implies that you listen to it if you have time then you judge whether it is fine song or not ;)

    • I did listen to it...
      I dont care for it, meaning i dont really like it.

    • Aha ok good that makes sense. I thought you came here only to comment I don't care lol haha.

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