How do girls with musical taste, eg Deftones, Meshuggah, EST etc, consolidate that with the Beyonce Knowles pop/R&B **** theyre Supposed to like?


I've been listening on-off to Meshuggah songs for around 8 years. Today, I have finally decided that they are the second best heavy band ever signed to record label.

The best has always been Deftones.

Source: I have a musical ear, have grown up around an outrageously wide range of quality music, have played guitar for 20 years, and composed music in several genres for 18 years, as well as spending time discovering new artists. From Yugoslavian, Algerian and Indonesian folk to Drum&Bass, Breakcore and Glitch to Flamenco, Scandinavian Jazz to Acid House, Experimental Metal to G-Funk, Third-Stream jazz-classical to 1970s Greek Avante-Garde and Rembetika, Bellydancing music to Puerto-Rican salsa-rap to Britrock, I really have been there, and done that.

So its a big thing for me to finally announce Meshuggah to the 'Jedi Council' of music!

And if there's one thing Im sure of, its that Beyonce Knowles and R&B is 100% Shit.

Pretty sure less females like Meshuggah and Deftones than males. So for the girls who do...

With such impeccable taste, what do you think of girl-popular feminist pop shit like Beyonce Knowles, Pink, Lily Allen, Arctic Monkeys, Rhianna, R&B generally, and all that clownshow? Because Im pretty sure most of your girlfiends like them. So what do you tell them, if you like proper music?



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  • I listen to Meshuggah but I happen to love Sepultura my favorite band. I actually get physically ill when I hear pop, and rap especially when the " All the single ladies" was a huge "hit" puke city. But I also feel that way toward country music not the old so much but thus new pop country. Can and will listen to the blues and classical music calms me down. AC/DC is my favorite rock band since I was maybe 2, a mix of rock and the blues; "Gone Shootin'" is awesome! I'm so happy that someone out there besides me, my mom, and my 3 yr old know this too!


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  • Why does it matter that people have different taste in music? There is a wide variety for everyone!

    • On the surface, that's a reasonable point. I do see where you're coming from. But... There actually aren't enough opportunities for everyone, if one is a musician. Its pop (Feminazi, R&B, metrosexual acoustic, and the 'she hit the club, they takin notes' embarrassment) or nothing.

      Don't get me wrong, it is Amazing that 'she hit the club', surely a once in 4 years spectacle... and 'shorty so fine'... well she IS... and 'if you ain't got money take your broke ass home' could be seen by a very drunk person as not a betrayal of rap culture... and we are indeed all proudly declaring that 'my sign is vital, my hands are cold', while hoping that African slaves die trying to find diamonds (credit: Lily Allen) ... BUT...

      It seems that the thing called Music, and Pop, parted ways a long time ago. In 1997, to be precise. There was a massive behind-the-scenes takeover of the major record labels, and ever since its been 'Girl Power'. But there must be girls who Get music, thus the question.

    • Okay, fair point! I think it's just the way music is going, it obviously makes some noticeable changes throughout the centuries and like everything it is influenced by the issues around it.
      In today's society, I think the target audience for this kind of music is obviously younger generations because they the majority. But as you said, "there must be girls who get music", I don't think the majority of them read into the lyrics as much as what they should, but I'm sure there are girls out there that get music, they are probably just rare and difficult to find.

    • Thanks for your answer, good point about how it can be 'market-based' as well. Though funnily enough, that got me thinking... why isn't mainstream music more oriented to older people - because there are more of them now in fact! Thanks for your thoughts, message me anytime :-)

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