How to stand out?

I've got a singing audition for the BRIT school and I want to be remembered... what should I do to stand out from the crowd?
Clothingwise? Attitude? Etc.


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  • It doesn't matter.

    Seriously, it doesn't. No one is going to remember you in a few years anyhow, with exception to the few you might keep in touch with.

    • I mean to the examiners I'm auditioning in front of!!

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    • Also, I may have done a poor job reading the question initially... my apologies for that.

    • Haha dw xx

What Girls Said 1

  • Sexy not overdone feel makeup.
    Accentuate curves. Act cute and have a nice smile

    • How would I accentuate curves without wearing a skin tight dress? xxxx

    • Go ahead. Wear a tight shirt or something and wear nice pants

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